A legacy of spirit communication

From the dawning of humanity, mankind has longed to know if an afterlife does indeed exist and, if so, is it open to all or reserved solely for those of select, certain faiths and beliefs.  Spiritualism is the science, the religion, and the philosophy of spirit communication.  Spiritualism and its mediums who practice it are committed to providing evidential and unquestionable proof of the  continuity of life, demonstrating through spirit communication that the soul does, indeed, survive the transition  known as death.  Evidential mediumship is a form of psychic phenomena which places high regard upon the evidence of survival.  Mediums classically trained in the art of spirit communication are often able to to provide highly detailed information, including names, dates, causes of death and often even embody the traits and the mannerisms of the dearly departed.  Mediumship in  purest form is a gift of healing and solace, proving to the world that, truly, there is no death and there are no dead.







About Medium Kenneth Busby

"I want the spirit world to be more real to be than the world I see." It was with this  simple and heartfelt prayer that the life of Kenneth Busby became dramatically changed.  Being highly sensitive to energies from an early age, it was not uncommon to see "shadow figures" and possess an otherworldly sense of "knowing" even as a child.  Beginning his early life and ministry within the Pentecostal circles of Christianity, Busby quickly realized that the dogma and tradition of his religious beliefs did little to explain the many paranormal and otherworldly experiences that had long-since consumed his life.  Surrendering his credentials and resigning his position as pastor within the Pentecostal church, Kenneth Busby surrendered wholly to the spirit world, beginning to develop his gift of mediumship and becoming an influential and pioneering voice for the cause of Spiritualism throughout the world.  Touring extensively throughout much of his twenties, Kenneth Busby saw many individuals healed through the power of the spirit, often diagnosing ailments upon first seeing the "energy" of the individual.  Delivering highly detailed and accurate information upon the stage and reaching an audience of millions with readings delivered through television and radio, his work has become the subject of study and interest of many within the new age community and and paranormal enthusiasts.  The channeled, automatic writings of Kenneth Busby have been published worldwide.  Busby is a member of the Spiritualists' National Union - the governing and ministerial body which oversees the prestigious Arthur Findlay College - and he continues to study psychic phenomena extensively through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches within the United States.  Though now retired from public touring, Kenneth Busby maintains a practice which allows him to still deliver sittings in a more intimate, personal setting.  His channeled, automatic writings and information gained through séance are published regularly in Sedona Journal of Emergence to a worldwide readership.